Union Roastery

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Union Roastery

Union Roastery Sdn Bhd is a roastery for artisan and speciality coffee.
Go Live Date:
Food and Beverage
Finance Size:
RM 300000
6 Months
15.36 % per annum
Investor Fees
1 %
RM 300,000


What the business is about?

Union Roastery Sdn Bhd specializes in artisan and specialty coffee, roasting coffee beans sourced from around the world

"Union Roastery is a project out of sheer love for fine coffee—from sourcing the finest beans, to roasting them to their highest potential, in order to satisfy our customers' expectations for a cup of fine brew and for the supreme quality of cakes and pastries. It upholds a notable aim to enrich the lives of our customers by serving and providing a gratifying F & B experience."

"As we have expanded our business profile to a more extensive spectrum, we are also working towards creating a neighbourhood concept cafe to offer a gratifying F & B experience. There is something for everyone's palette, from high- quality speciality coffees brewed in-house to savoury dishes, sweet pastries, and cakes. Besides that, customers can purchase coffee beans (various blends) and cool merchandise." 

This is Union Roastery Sdn Bhd's 2nd  investment note with Alixco.

This investment note is secured by  2 personal guarantees, as required by ALIXCO P2P Financing.

For what will you use the funds?

The funds will be used for working capital. 

Business Overview

Funding amount
RM 300,000.00 for 6 months.
15.36 % interest (nominal, p.a.)
Business type
Food & beverage 
Kuala Lumpur 
Number of outlets
Number of directors
Personal guarantees
Year of incorporation
Number of employees


Important Risk Information: 

The risk score of C (‘High risk’) was determined by a blend of our internal risk-based pricing algorithm, an external risk score from a leading credit rating agency and a variety of qualitative factors. It is an approximation only and does not guarantee any specific outcome. Our risk score ranges from A(‘lower risk’), B(‘medium risk’), C(‘medium-high risk’) to D(‘high risk’)
Risk score of C (‘High risk’)  indicates that this investment amount has a higher level of risk.  


In 2021, Union Roastery Sdn Bhd has a revenue of RM 2,499,911.00 and a pre-tax profit of RM 100,983.00.


This is Union Roastery Sdn Bhd's 2nd P2P funding campaign with Alixco P2P. Union Roastery Sdn Bhd has previously raised 1 P2P funding campaign with Alixco P2P which has been fully paid off. 

Alixco charges investors 1% on total repayments (for 6 months investment notes) only if and when repayment occurs.