SWC Properties

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SWC Properties

SWC Properties Sdn Bhd is a commercial property rental business.Investment Note: three personal guarantees
Go Live Date:
Real Estate
Finance Size:
RM 500000
6 Months
14.5 % per annum
Investor Fees
1 %
RM 500,000


What the business is about?

SWC Properties Sdn Bhd is a commercial real estate company.

The company's business activity focuses on renting land at comparatively low rates and sub-renting it to a variety of commercial tenants at significantly higher rates. The company provides value-add through the construction & renovation of facilities on the rented land and by compartmentalizing the land into smaller lots for sub-rental.

This is SWC Properties Sdn Bhd's 24th financing note with Alixco P2P Financing. 

This investment note is secured by 3 personal guarantees and one corporate guarantor, as required by Alixco P2P Financing.

For what will you use the funds?

The funds will be used to expand the business. The funds will be primarily used to finance rental contracts and for the renovation and / or construction of buildings on the rented land in order to sub-rent compartmentalized lots to a variety of commercial tenants.

Since 2021 SWC Property has diversified the business to wholesale household goods and retail sales of meat products (including poultry)

Business Overview

SWC Properties Sdn Bhd’s core business is mainly building and maintaining warehouse(s) and infrastructure to sub-rent retail and commercial shops to its clients. 

SWC Properties Sdn Bhd is also one of the sister company of SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd (independent entities), acting like a facility and infrastructure building arm in the SWC ecosystem. SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd was  established in 2015, at Batang Kali, Selangor by Simon Heng, Madam Chuah and Mr Eddie Chia.

SWC Properties Sdn Bhdseeks to expand into renting and sub-renting more commercial units within the next few years, having already secured rental tenures up to 2030.

Funding amount
RM 500,000.00 for 6 months.
14.5% interest (nominal, p.a.)

Business Type
Rental, development and sub-rental of commercial shop spaces,


Number of outlets

Number of directors

Personal guarantees

Year of incorporation

Number of employees

Business Type
Rental, development and sub-rental of commercial shop spaces

Important risk info: 

The risk score of CAA2(‘High risk’) was determined by a blend of our internal risk-based pricing algorithm, an external risk score from a leading credit rating agency and a variety of qualitative factors. It is an approximation only and does not guarantee any specific outcome. Our risk score ranges from A(‘lower risk’), B(‘medium risk’), C(‘medium-high risk’) to D(‘high risk’).

Risk score of CAA2 (‘high risk’)  indicates that this investment amount has an elevated-high level of risk.

Alixco Disclaimer about SWC Properties Sdn Bhd:
This is the 24th  financing round of SWC Properties Sdn Bhd with Alixco (Total: 23 Active: 9  Finished: 14) and still has upcoming scheduled repayments of approx. RM 2.2 million. SWC Properties's owner & director has raised funds on Alixco P2P financing (including ongoing campaigns, outstanding P2P value according to the repayment schedules: approx. RM 6 million) with this entity and two more entities, namely SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd and De Dyno Sdn Bhd and an ECF campaign with an entity called SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd. SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd (approximately RM 3 million) . SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd currently runs another ECF campaign on Alixco with a minimum targeted funding or RM 500,000. Please note that raising funds with multiple entities increases the risk of these P2P financings and the risk of loss of the invested capital.

Investor Fees
Alixco charges 1% for investors on repayments (for 6 months notes) only if and when repayment occurs.


Sub-rental of facilities to various commercial clients.

Retail sales of meat products (including poultry) Agro-based diversification


Use of Funds