Investment Statistic

Over 12.46 % p.a. average return for investments made over Alixco

Investors our our platform have been able to make an overall high return on investment. 

The average profit i.e. investment return rate per year for investors was 12.46% p.a. (nominal) already taking into account fees and defaults. The effective rate of return was even higher.

The average interest rate for business financing notes hosted on Alixco was at 14.83% p.a. (nominal).

Return statistics are based on at over 3 years of data starting from Alixco's inception from 2018-Jan 2022.

Alixco will remain dedicated to offering some of the highest quality investment notes in the Malaysia  peer to peer market to investors while subjecting businesses to a rigorous due diligence process and offering above-average returns to investors. 


Over 99.1% of investments on Alixco are repaid. The default rate since inception is at a low 0.85%.

Alixco is proud to have a repayment rate of over 99.1 % for the business financing investment notes hosted on our platform based on repayment value.

Investor protection is a key priority for Alixco. We always strive to improve our mathematical and social credit scoring algorithms to minimize the occurrence of defaults.

  • Since inception            Number of NPLs >90 days  = 12   Default rate =   0.85 % (28 May 2024)

The default rate is computed as defined by the Securities Commission Malaysia.


RMO-P2P Operators shall compute its default rate with the following formula and disclose the same on its platform:

i.e. The denominator will essentially be the amount financed plus the interest that is promised to investors at the point of issuance. This includes Active Notes, Defaulted Notes and Written Off Notes if any


Active Notes refers to notes issued on P2P Platform which are not in default

Defaulted Notes refers to notes which is classified as default as per P2P Operator's definition

Written Off Notes or any similar definition refers to notes which are in default and has not yet been recovered.

Please note that repayment rates, default rates and investment returns (both nominal and effective) are historical returns which have been realized on investment hosted on Alixco up the the stated date. Please note that these rates and returns are not necessarily an indication of future performance. Future default rates and investment returns may differ substantially from the stated historical default rate and returns.


Investors Protection & Safeguards

Investor protection is a key priority for Alixco.

Some of the safeguards and investor protection measures for business financing investment notes include:

Credit analysis process

Alixco has a 3-step issuer credit analysis process. The credit score analysis for potential issuers consists of an internal mathematical Z-score multifactor model which is based on different financial ratios of the issuer. This is complemented by a second scoring value from a leading credit rating agency (Experian, previously: RAMCI). This scoring algorithms also includes personal credit scores and allows us to check the credit history of the company and all associated individuals like directors. As a third step, Alixco has implemented a social scoring algorithms which allows us to assess the credibility and repayment likelihood of particular individuals.

Personal guarantees

For each investment not Alixco requires a minimum of 2 personal guarantees / key persons.

Contractual agreements

All investment notes for business financing are legally binding agreements between the issuer and his investor. The issuer has a legal obligation to make repayments. For additional safety, for all agreements 'stamp duty' has been paid.

Debt recovery

Alixco has agreements in place with a leading debt recovery agency in case of default of individual notes. The debt recovery agency will seek to recover as much as possible from the outstanding payment.

Living will

In case anything should happen to Alixco (e.g. Alixco goes bankrupt) investors don't need to worry. Alixco had a living will in place which means that a designated legal firm will handle the processing of all outstanding issuer repayments to investors until all investment notes have reached their maturity dates.


Distribution of risk scores

Percentage of C (high risk notes) = 80%  

Percentage of B (medium risk notes) = 15%

Percentage of A (lower risk notes) = 5%

All values for the risk score distribution are approximate.