Who can apply to become investor with us?

How does P2P financing work on Alixco?

When do I have to transfer the money?

What is the minimum amount that I can invest via Alixco platform?

What are the information that will be provided to the investors about an issuer?

Where are the funds held ?

Are there any investor fees ?

What if the Issuer is late in the repayment?

What happens if an issuer defaults?

Shall I invest my money in one campaign with the highest interest rate?

Why are the interest rates different between campaigns?

In how many campaigns can I invest?

Will Alixco or any of its associates compensate for any losses e.g. in case of a default? Are investments and repayments guaranteed?

How does Alixco screen potential issuers and identifies scams?

Do I need to pay taxes on my investment returns?

What happens to my money in case something happens to Alixco e.g. bankruptcy?

Is Alixco a financial advisor?